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“‘What I ultimately found was that the very thing that I felt most ashamed about in my life . . . I could make into an asset and essentially repurpose as a positive.” – Patrick Kennedy (1)

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My friends, allow me to jump a little jump for joy today!  Today’s post is basically an announcement – one about which I am very excited.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m going to be turning some of my posts from this blog into a book.

For those of you who have been faithful readers, you will probably notice an evolution of sorts in my writing.  Beginning with To Begin Where I Am (August 27, 2010), I have chronicled a journey – one which attempts to explain my continuing efforts to slay the dragons of OCD, anxiety, and depression, along with other of my all-too-human demons of stubbornness, pride, and vanity.  With this blog, I have tried my best to impart some of the lessons I have learned along a more peaceful path.   

But this blog is lacking in telling the back story, if you will.  Fact is, no blog can really tell the whole story.  Such was never the purpose of the blog in the first place.  Moreover, telling one’s story in a meaningful and organized way could never be accomplished in a series of brief blog posts. 

But I think the back story is important.  I will be writing a sort of self-help book.  (Truth is, I dislike that genre name – self-help.  Most of the self-help books on the shelves today are not, in my opinion, self-help at all.  Most I’ve seen involve no “self” in the help, but are a writer’s step-by-step program which one is to follow and then be cured of whatever ailment one has.)  My book will be somewhat different from these.  With my book, I will simply explain my problems as I see them, provide background for how, in my opinion, these issues arose, and try to offer suggestions for looking at these problems in a way that has been beneficial to me.  Armed with this information, it will be up to the reader to discover his or her own path to resolution.

My friends, this is the best I have to offer.  But I believe with everything I have that it can help many.  As the Buddha said, each of us must find our own path to peace.  And no one but you can walk your path.  But I will give everything I have to help folks find their own way.  As the byline of this blog says, there truly is an art to discovering, becoming, and being yourself.  This, I believe, is the key.  No one particular plan will work for everyone.  Each of us is unique.  And each has to develop his own tools for crafting himself.

I have begun the groundwork.  I have an agent.  The organization of the material is mostly completed, and the writing is off to at least a sporting start.  I hope to complete the manuscript this calendar year and am shooting for a publication in 2012.  Folks, drop me a line and give me your thoughts, if you like.  I’m all ears as this, to me, will be a major undertaking.  I view this as a serious endeavor with a goal to helping anyone I can reach.  My friends, I want to give back.  This book, I believe, will be my best approach. 

I am rejoicing today.  My undertaking of such a creative project brings me a significant measure of enthusiasm!  Again, I know this will be arduous, but, if I give it everything I have, I believe I will make a contribution to anyone struggling with the same demons I have. 


[(1) The quote above is from the article Patrick Kennedy’s New Crusade: Brain Research, written by Laura Colarusso in The Daily Beast, May 21, 2011.]

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